Thursday 20 April 2017

How To Fix Graphical Glitches in Serious Sam Classic TFE & TSE under Wine

I wanted to play Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter on my Thinkpad running Linux. (Ubuntu 17.04)

Unfortunately, the native Linux version doesn't run for me, for some reason. Maybe it's to due to the Intel graphics drivers. I also tried compiling the open source release of the Serious Engine but that failed to compile.

So, I decided to run it in Wine. Which "worked", but had severe graphical glitches making the game unplayable.

Apparently this is due to a "non-existant Z-buffer". To fix this, in Serious Sam The First Encounter or The Second Encounter, open the in-game console, either F1 or ~ . Then, type these 2 lines and press enter after each one:


That should fix the issue.



  1. thanks man, you've helped me alot

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