Friday, 20 October 2017

How I found out an app I installed on my phone was causing my phone to lag - By mining cryptocurrency! [ COINHIVE ]

A few weeks ago I checked XDA Labs, which is an alternative app store / forum browser for "indie" android apps. XDA Developers is the best place to find out how to root your phone, install a custom ROM, check out amazing applications by talented developers, etc. But this time, I found an app that caused my phone to slow down so badly I didn't know what was going on...

...until I opened OS Monitor (which requires root on Android 7.0 and above), which you can find on F-Droid. In the main tab it shows you the percentage of CPU an app is consuming. And smack dab on the top of the list was:

"VMusic". An application to stream free music from YouTube and other sources. Sounds good right? Wrong. The developer of this app has decided to include the CoinHive javascript miner malware in this app, which is what caused the app to slow down my device (which is low end, so it can't have apps consuming that much CPU without grinding the phone to a halt).

Shame on CoinHive for making it possible for people to (excuse my French) r*pe the f*ck out of someones computer resources, and shame on devs for thinking it's a good idea to include it in a mobile app.

So yeah, if somethings up with your phone and it's slowing down, open up OS Monitor and see what's up.

~This has been a rant~